Thoughts on Photography ––

For me my artwork isn’t finished until it is photographed. There’s something about distilling the essence of a work, the sharpest most clean version of it that sets me at ease (whatever floats your boat hey). A strong, balanced image that sets detail in a solid composition is what I strive for. Although it is never as good as the real thing, a popping image can capture someones attention and makes them want to know more –– whether it is in an application, shared on social media or printed on a poster.
Objectively documenting a project in its exhibition space or environment is the foundation, an archive of what was there, the exhibition design and how it sits in the space. From that point I like to move in, play with shapes, lines, patterns and architecture to not only capture the intricate details of the work itself, but its dialogue with the space it is in. This is where working with the artist or curator really enhances the process, after all they know it best.

Documenting art.