Work with me –––

Each project is different –– scale, budget, requirements. Whether it is just one artwork, a small ARI show or multi-exhibition institution, we can work something out.

Get in touch, I’d love to hear about your work and what you want to capture. Also if you are prepping for a future project, check in early. Sometimes getting a number in the budget is helpful for everyone and I can write a quote if you are looking to get funding.

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About me –––

Hey! My name is Dan and I am an artist based in Walyalup / Fremantle and originally from Meanjin / Brisbane. Some might see the move as a betrayal, but if I got to choose a coast, I got to choose the west.

I first started photographing my own artwork back at uni in the late naughties, which quickly turned into photographing my friends work, and shortly after that capturing the exhibitions of the ARIs I was involved with. That was a while ago though, the tech has changed and so has the scale. Since then I have shot a range of artwork –– paintings, prints, sculptures, video, light works, textiles, and installations –– in different contexts –– white wall galleries, shopping centre basements, hotel rooms, artist run initiatives (ARI), heritage buildings, libraries and saunas –– with different clients –– artists, collectives, curators, directors and corporates. This has even led to photo-doc inspiring my own art project!  

I have over 14 years experience as an art handler and installer working with local, national and international artists both on the east and west coast at a range of different state and university institutions, corporate collections, commercial galleries, festivals and ARIs. Taking care when handling, moving and installing art is something I take very seriously, after all most works are irreplaceable regardless of the price tag.

Documenting art.